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International Advisory Group for the Northern Bald Ibis

IAGNBI, the International Advisory Group for the Northern Bald Ibis is a union of people who work with the highly endangered birds species the Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita. We support scientific research, field projects and bring governments and non-government organizations together to develop and implement the conservation and rehabilitation of the Northern Bald Ibis.


Our Mission statement:

“Supporting international conservation efforts for the NBI

through the provision of scientific and expert advice”

Crisis to support ibis wardening in Morocco!

Despite 20 years of diligent wardening by the locally based and trained team of ibis wardens, and knowing that this has been the single most effective measure to initiate the slow recovery of the wild population in Morocco – but paying for this has not yet been possible from Government or other institutional sources.

Please help to keep this wardening in place until such support is secured.

Please donate to:

Holder’s Name : GREPOM – PROJETS
Bank : Société Générale
Agency : Rabat Michlifen
N° : 022.810.

It has recently been highlighted as top priority in the revised AEWA international single species action plan for the species.

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