Morocco 2011

Morocco satellite tagging 2011

The Northern Bald Ibis in Morocco 2011

The Moroccan population is supposedly non-migratory, however there are regular disappearances of up to 35% of the birds. It isn’t possible to ring more than a few birds and therefore the knowledge on seasonal movements outside the National Park is very limited. There were occasional sightings recorded at places north and south of SMNP as far as 700 –1200 km. Detailed understanding of these movements and potentially important sites during dispersal remain unknown. Although regular visits to past breeding places have taken place, the situation remains unclear. May be there exist some important sites or habitats not far from SMNP but the current monitoring system is insufficient to find out.

To get a more realistic picture, two birds were caught and satellite tagged this year. These are already showing some very interesting results and movements! Please check These results will be very important for future conservation activities outside the monitored range and the implantation of the national Species Action Plan PANIC.
That work was also a top priority identified by IAGNBI (International Advisory Group for NBI) and fully merits support.

The main supporting institutions who have contributed to this project so far are the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), Territori i Paisatge Foundation, Swarovski and the Spanish National Parks Authority. Recently, the Northern Bald Ibis conservation plan has the support of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Dublin Zoo.

Aylal, hunting
(PhotoVíctor García Matarranz)

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